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The following is a list of weapons in Niffelheim.

List of maces[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Durability Rarity Effect and chance Description
Torch.png Torch 5 10 Common - The impenetrable darkness of deep dungeons can be dispelled by a torch.
Shepherd's Club.png Shepherd's Club 5 15 Common - A simple baton made of wood. Useful if you'd like to chase off a wolf that's strayed from its pack.
Iron Club.png Iron Club 15 20 Common Stunning 3% This heavy club reinforced with iron hoops easily stuns the enemy.
Steel Hammer.png Steel Hammer 30 30 Common Stunning 5% A massive battle hammer. Not every warrior is able to wield it.
Titanium Hammer.png Titanium Hammer 45 45 Uncommon Stunning 7% The mere sight of this hammer will strike fear in your enemies. Its massive blows easily break bones.
Craftsman's Hammer.png Craftsman's Hammer 70 60 Uncommon Stunning 10% A well-balanced battle hammer for warriors who prefer brute force in combat.
Teeth Crusher Club.png "Teeth Crusher" Club 80 65 Rare Stunning 12% Legend has it that the favourite sport of the king of trolls was to knock his victims' teeth in with a special club.
Thor's Hammer.png Thor's Hammer 100 70 Legendary Stunning 15% This legendary hammer can only be wielded by the most outstanding and strong warriors.

List of batlle ax[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Durability Rarity Effect and chance Description
Iron Axe.png Iron Axe 20 20 Common - Crude Iron Axe
Steel Axe.png Steel Axe 40 30 Common - An axe made of high-quality steel with an elongated shaft for comfortable grip.
Titanium Axe.png Titanium Axe 60 45 Uncommon Crit Chance 2% A highly durable axe made of titanium ore that easily cuts a shield to splinters with a single blow.
Craftsman's Axe.png Craftsman's Axe 100 60 Uncommon Crit Chance 3% This powerful, heavy axe can easily cut a troll in half. A young troll.
Executioner's Axe.png Executioner's Axe 115 65 Rare Crit Chance 5% This axe emanates an aura of death and despair.
-Berserker's Rage- Axe.png "Berserker's Rage" Axe 130 70 Legendary Crit Chance 7% This light and razor sharp axe becomes a formidable weapon in the hands of a fierce warrior.

List of swords[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Durability Rarity Effect and chance Description
Rusty Sword.png Rusty Sword 10 15 Common no The rusty blade of an unnamed warrior who perished in the lands of Niffelheim.
Iron Sword.png Iron Sword 15 30 Common no A crude, poorly sharpened sword made of iron. A sword like this is sure to break under the pressure of strong monsters that dwell in the depths of Niffelheim.
Steel Sword.png Steel Sword 30 40 Common Bleed 5% You can descend into any dungeon with this sword... Not too deep though and preferably without meeting anyone there.
Titanium Sword.png Titanium Sword 60 50 Uncommon Bleed 7% A solid sword of titanium alloy, this will easily cut careless opponents to shreds.
Craftsman's Sword.png Craftsman's Sword 90 60 Uncommon Bleed 12% Only a true master of smithery is able to craft a light, balanced blade, serving as a continuation of the warrior's arm.
-Death to the Bastard- Sword.png "Death to the Bastard" Sword 100 80 Rare Bleed 15% Being an outcast, a bastard could only rely on his sword.
-Ragnarok's Eve- Sword.png "Ragnarok's Eve" Sword 120 100 Legendary Bleed 15% Each sweep of this terrible weapon brings the hour of Ragnarok nearer - the death of the gods and the entire world.

List of bows[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Durability Range Rarity Armor Penetration Description
Yew Bow.png Yew Bow 5 30 800 Common 15% A short wooden bow for shooting at medium distances. Not effective against armored targets.
Oak Bow.png Oak Bow 7 45 800 Common 25% A bow made of wood and bone plates. Has increased strength and decent lethal force.
Ebony Bow.png Ebony Bow 10 60 850 Uncommon 33% Shooting from a bow like this requires skill honed since childhood.
Master Bow.png Master Bow 10 60 900 Uncommon 50% This bow can only be bent by a very experienced and strong archer.
Eagle Talon Bow.png Eagle Talon Bow 12 80 1000 Rare 60% The victim won't even know where death came from.
Siege Bow.png Siege Bow 15 100 1000 Legendary 70 The victim won't even know where death came from.

List of arrows[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Addittional damage Rarity Effect and chance Descripton
Crude Arrow.png Crude Arrow 10 - Common - The simplest arrow with a sharp head made from a rough-hewn stone.
Copper Arrow.png Copper Arrow 12 - Common - Arrow with a copper head.
Iron Arrow.png Iron Arrow 16 - Common - Arrows with iron heads are a reasonable compromise between price and quality.
Titanium Arrow.png Titanium Arrow 30 - Common - Sharp titanium arrows easily pass through chainmail.
Siege Arrow.png Siege Arrow 30 + 150% Building Damage Rare - A powerful arrow designed to break through fortifications.
Troll's Arrow.png Troll's Arrow 70 - Rare - Troll arrows are so rough and large that they leave holes the size of a coin in their victims' bodies.
Pointed Arrow.png Pointed Arrow 35 - Common 15% Bleed This horrible arrow with a jagged and curved head sticks tightly in the flesh, causing bleeding.
Fire Arrow.png Fire Arrow 30 - Uncommon 15% Fire Arrow smeared with a flammable mixture easily ignites a crowd of enemies.
Stunning Arrow.png Stunning Arrow 30 - Uncommon 15% Stunning A heavy arrow with an immobilizing effect.
Poisoned Arrow.png Poisoned Arrow 30 - Uncommon 15% Poisoning The heads of these arrows are smeared with deadly poison, ensuring victims suffer an agonising death.

List of cannons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Durability Rarity Range Armor Penetration Description
Craftsman's Cannon.png Craftsman's Cannon 15 45 Uncommon 800 70% An unwieldy, primitive arquebus. Causes more smoke and noise than actual damage.
Soul Destroyer Hand Cannon.png Soul Destroyer Hand Cannon 30 65 Rare 900 90% A hand cannon firing cannon balls.

List of shells[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Additional Rarity Description
Stone Shells.png Stone Shells 15 + 10% Building Damage Common Primitive, crudely shaped stone shells.
Iron Shells.png Iron Shells 25 + 15% Building Damage Common Heavy metal shells are widely used and more effective than stone shells.
Tempered Shells.png Tempered Shells 40 + 25% Building Damage Uncommon These shells have additional incendiary capabilities and are extremely dangerous.
Cast-Iron Shells.png Cast-Iron Shells 45 + 25% Building Damage Common Powerful shells capable of breaking through fortress walls.
Explosive Shells.png Explosive Shells 55 + 40% Building Damage Uncommon Shells like these can destroy an enemy fortress completely.

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Eagle-Eye.jpg Eagle-Eye Inflict 25,000 damage with a long-range weapon