Spider Cocoon

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Spider Cocoon
Spider Cocoon
Rarity Common
Type Resource
Stack 400

Spider Cocoon is a resource.

Source[edit | edit source]

Spider Cocoons can be looted from spiders in the dungeon located to the right of the player's Castle.

Uses[edit | edit source]


Spider Cocoon is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Type Workshop Level Components Amount Crafted
Weak Spider Brew.png Weak Spider Brew Potion Alchemy 3 Water of Death.pngWater of Death (1)
Spider Cocoon.pngSpider Cocoon (1)
Weak Potion of Strength.pngWeak Potion of Strength (1)


Spider Cocoon is not currently used to build anything.


Spider Cocoon is used in the following quests:

Giver No. Name Item Reward
Raven 9 Arachnophobia Spider Cocoon.pngSpider Cocoon (2)
Spider Steak.pngSpider Steak (1)