Bear Onion

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Bear Onion
Bear Onion
Rarity Common
Type Resource
Effect Healing:
+25 Health
Action time 15 sec
Stack 100
Sell price 1 Cost
Herbs are often used in cooking meals and brewing potions.

Bear Onion is an edible herb.

Source[edit | edit source]

Bear Onions can be harvested from plants on the surface.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Bear Onion can be consumed by the player to restore 25 Health over 15 seconds.


Bear Onion is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Type Workshop Level Components Amount Crafted
Mushroom Soup.png Mushroom Soup Food Kitchen 3 Grilled Mushrooms.pngGrilled Mushrooms (1)
Bear Onion.pngBear Onion (1)
Carrot.pngCarrot (1)
Strong Tincture of Strength.png Strong Tincture of Strength Potion Alchemy 3 Weak Potion of Strength.pngWeak Potion of Strength (1)
Mead.pngMead (1)
Bear Onion.pngBear Onion (1)


Bear Onion is not currently used to build anything.


Bear Onion is not currently used in any quests.