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The following is a list of achievements in Niffelheim. There are 30 available achievements.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Access Denied!.jpg Access Denied! Hold off an enemy attack
Armadillo.jpg Armadillo Eliminate 3 Bosses in underground caves
Bear Handler.jpg Bear Handler Kill 10 Bears
Blacksmith.jpg Blacksmith Craft 100 items in the Forge
Build Master.jpg Build Master Build a lvl 1 clay Castle, Walls and Towers
Conqueror.jpg Conqueror Destroy an enemy Totem
Cowboy.jpg Cowboy Kill 10 Buffalos
Dragon Lord.jpg Dragon Lord Activate the Dragon
Eagle-Eye.jpg Eagle-Eye Inflict 25,000 damage with a long-range weapon
Engineer.jpg Engineer Build a lvl 1 stone Castle, Walls and Towers
Faithful Servant.jpg Faithful Servant Complete 3 quests of the Priests
Friend to the Priests.jpg Friend to the Priests Complete 10 Quests
Gold Digger.jpg Gold Digger Collect 100 Golden Ore
Grave Robber.jpg Grave Robber Expose 10 Graves
Great Architect.jpg Great Architect Build all constructions of the highest level in a single Land
Handyman!.jpg Handyman! Upgrade all Workshops to 9 lvl.
Healer.jpg Healer Consume 10000 HP
Landowner.jpg Landowner Grow 200 Vegetables
Legend.jpg Legend Kill 500 enemies with your Dragon
Martial Spirit.jpg Martial Spirit Kill 300 Skeletons
Master Chef.jpg Master Chef Cook 100 dishes in the Kitchen Workshop
Merchant.jpg Merchant Trade for 10,000 Gold
Mysterious Treasure.jpg Mysterious Treasure Collect 10 Charms
Righteous One.jpg Righteous One Activate 5 Charms
Shaman.jpg Shaman Use 20 different Potions
Spider Lord.jpg Spider Lord Kill 30 Spiders
Sword Master.jpg Sword Master Kill 1000 Skeletons
Warlock.jpg Warlock Craft 100 Alchemy items
Woodcutter.jpg Woodcutter Cut down 100 Trees
Workman.jpg Workman Build a lvl 1 wooden Castle, Walls and Towers